Attachment and Differentiation

I’ve always wondered exactly how attachment theory fit into Bowen Theory. For example, how does Bowen reconcile the similar sibling attachment styles described in Attachment Theory? How would Attachment Theory describe “unresolved symbiosis with the primary caregiver?” Writing this paper gave me the chance to find out.

EDIT: This paper is followed by Accounting for Varying Attachment Presentations, which follows up with a tighter examination of the topic using peer-reviewed studies and includes more details about what can and cannot be compared between the two theories.

Attachment and Differentiation: The Role of Attachment in the Pathological Family System

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  1. “It’s not so much the style of attachment but the intensity of that connection.” Dr Papero

    it will be interesting to see how my conception of this paper changes over time. I feel like there is so much left out, and the only concrete exception I could make in this limited review was that there are some authors (Siegel) that made a link between some qualities of fused relationships and ambivalent attachment style.

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